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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part XCVIII
  Homer Morgan is an American expatriate who has lived in Tahiti for more than 50 years. Homer’s vivid memory and talent as a raconteur and writer entertain our subscribers with interesting tales of Tahiti in each edition of the Tahiti Beach Press.

Harrison W. SMITH, Tahiti’s “Grandfather of the Trees” by Jan Prince
  The Harrison W. Smith Botanical Garden is one of Tahiti’s most enjoyable sites to visit during a tour of the island. This tropical garden is located at PK 51.2 in Papeari, adjacent to the Paul Gauguin Museum, and is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is 600 CFP.
  The man who created this Garden of Eden in Tahiti was Harrison Willard Smith, who was born in Boston, Massachusetts on December 29, 1872. Smith first visited Tahiti in 1903 during a round-the-world trip.
  At that time he was a professor of physics (some reports say at Harvard and others say at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Smith was so deeply moved and charmed by the island of Tahiti that his love and passion for tropical botany.......................................................

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