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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part LXXXVIII
  Homer Morgan is an American expatriate who has lived in Tahiti for more than 50 years. Homer’s vivid memory and talent as a raconteur and writer entertain our subscribers with interesting tales of Tahiti in each edition of the Tahiti Beach Press.

The Best of Both Worlds by Jan Prince

    What could be more ideal than to live in Los Angeles and have a beach home on the island of Moorea for much needed get-aways from the busy rat race of a demanding job?
    Jean Louis Delezenne and his wife Suzie are two of those fortunate people who indeed have the best of both worlds. On an average of four times a year you can find this happy couple sitting under their fare pote’e outdoor shelter, contentedly gazing at the ocean’s waves that are crashing on the coral sand beach just a few feet from their picnic table.
    They always make sure to include a trip to Moorea.......................................................

Bounty Descendants Commemorate the 220th Anniversary of the Arrival of HMS Bounty by Jan Prince
    Almost everyone who has any interest in South Seas romance and history has read the book, “Mutiny on the Bounty” or “The Bounty Trilogy” by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall, and they have certainly seen at least one version of the popular motion pictures based on the world’s most famous mutiny.
    For those who may not be familiar with this true saga, The Bounty was a British ship that first arrived in Tahiti on October 26, 1788, under the command of Captain William Bligh. The following morning the ship was towed to a safe anchorage at Point Venus in Matavai Bay. Bligh’s mission was to collect a cargo of

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