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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part XCVII
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127th Heiva I Tahiti 2009 Doing Better With Less by Jan Prince
he song and dance competitions held at Place To’ata during the 127th edition of the Heiva i Tahiti comprised some of the most beautiful performances ever seen in Tahiti.
  Between July 11 and 18 the public was treated to seven nights of first class entertainment, with 14 dance groups and 11 himene (song) groups appearing on stage. Then there was the night of the awards, followed by the night of the laureates, adding two more evenings of pure pleasure for the audience.
Each dance group consisted of the required minimum of 60 dancers, and some of the larger groups had more than double that number.
  Most of the shows were sold out, as the public was enthusiastic to see their favorite dance groups perform. Some of the most popular troupes have been absent during the Heiva for two or more years...........................................................

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