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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part XCIV
  Homer Morgan is an American expatriate who has lived in Tahiti for more than 50 years. Homer’s vivid memory and talent as a raconteur and writer entertain our subscribers with interesting tales of Tahiti in each edition of the Tahiti Beach Press.

American Saved from Roasting by Cannibals by Jan Prince
  The above portion of a letter from the Rev. James Kekela, who was a Hawaiian missionary, describes one of the more bizarre bits of history linking the United States with French Polynesia.
  The story begins in 1864 on the eastern coast of Hiva Oa, in the Marquesas Islands, where the wild cannibal tribes of Puamau had long nursed a hatred for the white seamen and harpooners from the whaling cruisers, who came ashore into the Marquesan villages to drink and carouse.
  It was here in Puamau that Rev. Kekela had built his home and mission station.
The cannibals’ mania for vengeance was further aggravated ........

Aranui 3 Makes Its 100th Voyage to the Marquesas Islands by Jan Prince
  The Aranui 3 left its homeport of Papeete Harbor a half-hour ahead of schedule on the morning of Saturday, May 2. This was the ship’s 100th voyage to the Marquesas Islands, and all the passengers and crew on board were anxious to get underway, heading to their first destination of Fakarava in the Tuamotu Archipelag
ourteen days of discovery, fun and adventure lay before them.
  If you have the time and interest to enjoy an authentic experience of ship-day in a small secluded valley in the Marquesas Islands, then the Aranui 3 offers the best way to visit these remote islands

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