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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part XCIII
  Homer Morgan is an American expatriate who has lived in Tahiti for more than 50 years. Homer’s vivid memory and talent as a raconteur and writer entertain our subscribers with interesting tales of Tahiti in each edition of the Tahiti Beach Press.

  "The Best Is Yet to Come” by Jan Prince
  Jean-Pierre Challeau is the general manager of the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti, which opened March 1, 2009, on the west coast of Punaauia. Even though his working days are long and busy, Challeau enjoys the challenges of opening a new hotel.
  "Turning construction sites into operating hotels is pure magic!” he said. “It is like putting together a Broadway play--while rehearsing the play you are building the theatre. When you fall in love with this feeling you want to do it again and again.”
  Challeau has done it again and again, and looks forward to doing more of the same. He talks about the hotels he has opened while taking a well-deserved break from his duties, recalling the highlights of more than three decades spent working in Tahiti and Her Islands............

Olympic Shooting Star Kim Rhode Honeymoons in Moorea and Bora Bora by Jan Prince
  California's "Golden Girl" Kimberly Rhode, who is the most decorated female Olympian shooter in history, chose the Club Bali Hai in Moorea for her honeymoon. After a courtship of six years, Kim married fiancé Mike Harryman in March and they left their home in Monrovia, CA for a week in Moorea and a week in Bora Bora.
  "This is the best place I’ve ever been to and I travel all over the world,” said Kim, 29, who won her first gold medal for double trap shooting during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, when she was only 16.
  In 2000 Kim won the bronze medal at the Summer Olympics in Sydney and in 2004 she was awarded another gold medal during the Summer Olympics in Athens. During the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, the double trap-shooting category was eliminated, and Kim switched to international skeet shooting, walking away with the silver medal.
  Kim, who has been compared to Annie Oakley in the American press, said that her father came from a family of ranchers from Montana. She learned to become an outdoor woman during the hunting, fishing and camping trips she took with her parents and grandparents to places like Utah, Arizona, Northern California and Africa.......................................................................

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