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A Dinosaur in Paradise Part XCI
  Homer Morgan is an American expatriate who has lived in Tahiti for more than 50 years. Homer’s vivid memory and talent as a raconteur and writer entertain our subscribers with interesting tales of Tahiti in each edition of the Tahiti Beach Press.

  The Amazing History of the Hardie Boys by Jan Prince

“It was 1929 and it was hot. It was very humid and hot, but John Alexander Hardie was not. He sat on his verandah cooled by the sea breeze, the overhead fans and whiskey and cold water in his glass. He wasn’t enjoying any of those things except maybe the whiskey, which stimulated his mind, and his mind had a load of that on it. His ideas were like bees buzzing around a honey pot and he desperately wanted that honey. It was there if only he could devise a plan to get it. He was interrupted by his servant who had quietly approached and held the whiskey bottle high with a questioning look. He knew from past experience not to let that glass get too empty.
John Alexander Hardie nodded, although he resented the intrusion but blessed the fact that at least he had trained staff, but he wanted much more. Why should all his talents go to waste, he had worked seventeen years for the Rajah of Borneo to increase his wealth, when he could be earning and succeeding far more in a business of his own.
  Certainly he was well paid, certainly he had a very respectable house, car and farm where a manager looked after his racehorses, but he could do much better if only he had the money. He laid back on his chair and casually relaxed with one leg crooked and resting on the opposite knee. The sun was setting when out of the shadows his wife emerged. She sat quietly by his side and after a minute of silence she gently touched his arm and asked if he would like to say goodnight to the children.
  How could she disturb him like this, how would he ever get back his train of thought on something so important. Absolute rage coursed through his veins and up through his head. He felt like slitting her throat, but instead he turned to her, picked up her hand, put it to his lips, smiled and asked her to kiss the children for him. She said, “of course,” and understandingly, she left and John Alexander Hardie breathed.
  It took a few more whiskeys on that verandah and a lot of thought before there was a blinding light. Yes, he had the answer, the bees had found the honey pot and he knew what he was going to do. Although he’d been secretary of the Board of Administration for four years and because he now had charge of the Public purse, he could blind a lot of people to what he planned to do. He always got the money to distribute, but if he didn’t, he could just take the lot and go. Where could he go? Well, he knew a good friend who said Tahiti............................................”

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