The World’s Largest
Producer of Tahitian

Robert Wan surrounds himself with beauty, elegance, and grace. Often referred to as the “pearl emperor” of Tahitian cultured pearls, Wan said that he has devoted his life to the creation of extraordinary things--like pearls. When he discovered the
cultured pearl in 1973, he began a marvelous adventure that continues even today.
Throughout the years, Robert Wan has become a
legendary pioneer in the Tahitian cultured pearl industry. He bought his first pearl farm in 1974, which is located in Mangareva in the Gambier Islands, 1,650 km. (1,023 miles) southeast of Tahiti.
At this time everything was to build, to create. The Tuamotu Gambier atolls are very far away from Tahiti. There were no transportation at this time, except some
perilous ships. The Pinctada Margaritifera oyster, which lives in the Polynesian lagoons fears water warming, bacteria. Any tiny pollution in the water makes it die. The production cycle of pearls lasts two years minimum in any pearl farms when it lasts from 5 to 7 years at Robert Wan’s to produce a single pearl of quality. In case of pollution, years of delicate work are brutally erased... and lost.
In 1983 Robert Wan bought the atoll of South Marutea. From then on he
attached a great value to preserve the biodiversity of his island because it warrantees the quality of his pearls as very few sites of production can do. Mother of pearl shell history goes back more than 500 million years. Because of the lagoon purity, the Pinctada Margari-tifera oyster has been able to go through the geological eras by totally adapting itself with his coral environment...

A BIO certification in 2009
Today 200 persons are living and working on South Marutea, in a total respect of the lagoon. Everywhere in the world 80% of sea pollution comes from the soil. This fact has always been highly considered on the atoll of South Marutea. The island has obtained a BIO Certification. No detergent but biolo-gical soap has ever been used. No manure in the soils, so that the ground of the island remains unpolluted. The chemical paints or maintaining stuff for boats are totally avoided. The transportation of non organic wastes is organized by one of the planes of the company. And the oysters are more and more numerous year after year instead of disappearing. The loss of species aged more than 500 million years would be a
serious loss for human patrimony… and a loss for his future.
His subsequent purchase of Nengo Nengo, at that time an uninhabited atoll, and the establishment of other pearl farms in the Tuamotu lagoons, has made Robert Wan’s company the world’s largest producer of Tahitian cultured pearls.
“My best pearls come from South Marutea,” Wan said, “that is my lucky island.”

The Robert Wan Universe
The Robert Wan Group has developed its activities in
several fields:
The production of loose Pearls
The Robert Wan pearls are easy to recognize. They distinguished themselves by their size (13 to 21 mm). Their
shapes, their colors, their gloss, their orient are incomparable. Purity, rarity, quality… The pearls never die. They are
eternal and are an investment that will last forever. The Tahitian Pearl reflects the woman beauty, woman mood, the femininity.
The De Luxe jewellery
The famous Robert Wan’s «Connoisseurs» collection is timeless: Unique chokers composed in secret in Robert Wan’s workshops with the
biggest Tahitian pearls (13 to 21 mm) showing an incredible orient and gloss, the purest shapes and a never equalized quality. Pearls cultivated during five to seven years to reveal the inner beauty of women. Because these unique pearls, nurtured by the lagoons, live
eternally in harmony with the woman, who bears them. No other gem but the Tahitian pearl can claim to this rarity.

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Robert Wan said: “My passion is to offer
the best pearls possible to every woman in the world.”
Following the « Connoisseurs » collection, Robert Wan launches this year a collection of Deluxe Jewelry watches for man and woman:
Pearl Lady, a woman model, in grey or yellow gold, in eight
different versions, specially a mother of pearl bracelet set with diamonds. Two exceptional Tahitian gold pearls are on top of each side of the bracelet. Equipped with a Swiss quartz system, its mother of pearl elements are worked out, polished and adjusted by hand. An original touch: A faceted mineral glass on the top and a sapphire glass on the back allow the carved RW trade mark to appear.
Poseidon, a male stopwatch model, in grey or yellow gold, composed of 12 indexes in gold and nacre overset by Roman figures. You’ll discover a RW exclusive system for bracelet change.
A Robert Wan jewel is peculiar in the sense that it really lives in harmony with the person, who wears it. One’s shine is sublimated by the inner brilliancy of the other one. Which other jeweler knows better than Robert Wan the secret of a vibrating harmony?

Fashion and accessories
Robert Wan jewel designs are inspired by the lagoon movements
The lagoon is obviously one of the most fascinating natural environments: pure, bright, various, sumptuous, it possesses the fragility that characterized the earthy world. It doesn’t bear pollution. It is the place of an intense life, dominated by incessant moves and perpetual exchanges between minerals, plants and animals.
The Essentials of Robert Wan
Since 2004, the Robert Wan Essential collection is inspired by the lively universe of Marutea’s lagoon.
Robert Wan Essentials allow you to change your jewels at any time of day or night, according to the time and circumstances. Moves, changes like all the currents that make the lagoon breathe.
The 2009 collection
Ever and more moves, lightness of shapes, inspiring power of the lagoon, ties between man and nature, breathe of the ocean wide… Robert Wan 2009 collection plays with hocked leather, nodes, materials and fabulous pearls that offer our customers the advantage of being one step ahead in this maritime century.
The creation of items in hooked leather constitutes a new orientation: a lot of quality leather is needed, and a lot of time and patience to hand make these unique pieces in our workshops.
The Robert Wan bags
After the success of his first bags made of mother of pearl, Robert Wan launches a collection of twenty hand bags and luxury purses. They propose a very refined work, adding fine leathers --nude or braided-- to pearls of various shapes and delicately carved nacre. Bags for day use, for elegant and dynamic women; bags and purses for night, all handmade. These jewel-bags are unique pieces.
So, year after year, Robert Wan goes on in his quest: all is movement, all is changes, nothing lasts except beauty that is revealed to men when creation reflects the future of the world. It is a search continued by Robert Wan’s teams, so that the ceaseless movement of the life becomes eternity.

A cosmetic line
Thanks to his Chinese education and his instinct for observation, then thanks to the cooperation of eminent scientists, Robert Wan proved the extraordinary potentiality of the mother-of-pearl
secreted by the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster, old of a thousand-year-old history, to his adaptation to the Polynesian biotope through the ages, and to his hinge position between the animal and mineral worlds.
Since ancestral times, mother-of-pearl stores ultra-active molecules, which can be used for man without being rejected. The scientific research at the origin of this line of cosmetics showed that the ultra-active molecules of mother-of-pearl are recognized by the cells of the skin: the active proteins extracted from the mother-of-pearl stimulate the cells of the dermis, regenerate the skin and lead to a more solid anchoring of the skin on the dermis, generating an increased densification of the skin, which gains in luminosity and elasticity. Actually, no cosmetic product on the market contains as much active molecules extracted from mother-of-pearl than the products of the Robert Wan trademark.

The Museum of the pearl
The Museum of the Pearl in Tahiti recounts at the same time the history of the pearl throughout the world, the fascination it aroused to important persons, the legends, the habits and the technical sides of perliculture. Robert Wan’s private collection is on exhibit, especially the largest Tahitian pearl of the world.
The Robert Wan Pearl Museum is open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no entry charge.
Robert Wan, whose father left China in 1904 to settle in Tahiti is a businessman of several cultures: he is at the same time French by his nationality, Polynesian by his birthplace, and Chinese by his origins. He draws from his three cultures the resources which enable him to develop his business in an original way. The Robert Wan Group is headquartered in Papeete and develops all around the world its activities bounded to the Tahitian Pearl industry. It is essentially present in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Middle East countries. In Polynesia, you will discover its exceptional collections in the seven jewelries located in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.