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Bora Bora’s Legend of Hiro
God of Thieves

--Polynesian oral history tells that Bora Bora was always inhabited by gods and princely chiefs. One of the most famous was Hiro, god of thieves, who hid out on Toopua, the small island where the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort is located today.
--Using the dragonfly to distract attention, Hiro and his band of thieves robbed their victims at night, between sunset and the first cockcrow.
--Hiro's constant companion was a white cock, called moa uo in the Tahitian language. One night Hiro decided to steal Toopua Island and take it home to his hideout. While the god of thieves was attempting to attach a cord around Toopua, his white rooster became excited and began to crow, breaking the magic power and so enraging --Hiro that he hurled the bird against the face of Mt. Pahia, where the imprint still remains.
--Hiro managed to detach a large chunk of the island, which is called Toopua-Iti, separated by only a few feet from Toopua. Just beneath the water’s clear surface lie the rocks known as Hiro’s canoe.
--Ashore on Toopua Island are giant stones that are said to have been left by the two giants, Hiro and his son Marama, after the two giants tossed the stones about in a game of timora’a. And deep inside the coconut forest on Toopua is Hiro’s Bell, a gigantic rock that reverberates when struck.